Why Your Business Needs An Online Time And Attendance System ASAP

Why Your Business Needs An Online Time And Attendance System ASAP

Some businesses may be reluctant to switch to an online time and attendance system, particularly those that have been in operation since before the internet was introduced. These businesses typically use traditional clocks where employees have to punch in manually. However, below are some key advantages you will gain by transitioning to the newer web based systems.

Online Attendance Systems Are More Accurate

Accuracy is of great importance when it comes to tracking the time in which employees work. Many laws such as the Fair Labor Standards Act have strict guidelines when it comes to overtime which is why the time reporting systems you use must be up to par. Any audit involving traditional, manual time based tracking systems is cumbersome at best, and if it is discovered you’re not in compliance with the law you could find yourself paying stiff penalties.

It Ensures The Honesty Of Your Employees

One of the biggest disadvantages of 20th century time clocks is that it was much easier for employees to engage in time theft, where one employee would punch in on behalf of his or her co-workers who was running late. Modern, web based time systems make such stunts impossible.

It’s Simple To Maintain And Highly Secure

Web based time systems are cloud based which means they are remotely hosted and do not require the long, complex installation processes which are required for desktop software. It will update automatically, with upgrades being installed as needed and any troubleshooting issues being resolved by the development team.

Payroll data is among the most sensitive information that a company maintains and as such must be carefully protected, both from thieves as well as power outages or server crashes. The last thing you want is for this data to be compromised or lost, which is why cloud based services provide multiple fail safes with the servers being backed up nightly and hardened to prevent data breaches by cyber criminals.

It Gives Management Valuable Insights Regarding Time And Attendance

When using online time software you will be given access to timecards which can serve as an excellent metric for determining how well individual employees or the organization as a whole is performing. These reports are detailed and extensive, and can show you specifically what projects your employees are engaged in, how much time they spend on it and more.

Both organizations and individuals are naturally resistant to change, so it is understandable that a company that has been in operation for 40 years would be hesitant to upgrade to web based time software. But consider the consequences of not doing so. Traditional time tracking is not only cost prohibitive, but is also tedious, vulnerable to manual errors and all the legal problems and fines that come with it. Cloud based systems are affordable, good for the environment and scalable, which means they will accommodate the growth of your company.