Should Your Business Get A Verified Twitter Account?

Should Your Business Get A Verified Twitter Account?

A verified Twitter account is a special account offered through the social media giant Twitter which is reserved for both organizations and public figures. They are designed to assist users in finding qualified accounts and information, and in the past were exclusive. However, a growing number of small businesses are recognizing the benefits of having one. Below are some guidelines that those who wish to setup these accounts should be aware of.

How Verified Accounts Work

These accounts were originally designed by Twitter to authenticate important organizations such as large businesses and public figures such as athletes, entertainers or politicians. Those who follow these accounts can be assured that they represent the actual individuals and institutions that use them. Out of the over 300 million accounts that Twitter has, only a couple hundred thousand are designated as verified. In 2016 Twitter revealed that an online application system had been established to allow non-verified accounts to get verified status.

A Twitter account which is verified will display a special blue badge, and such accounts are only given out to organizations or individuals which are prominent or noteworthy. The purpose of such accounts is to allow these important institutions to readily maintain contact with a larger audience, while making it easier for users to locate them.

To establish such an account one must log into Twitter and go to and denote the username you prefer. You will then need to enter information so that the request can be transmitted, which includes a biography, profile image, phone number which is verified, email address which is verified and website. Most important, you must also send evidence of your presence in the public domain, including news or prominent sites known for high traffic. You must also explain why Twitter should verify you. Submit the application and Twitter will inform you of their decision. If you’re rejected you can resubmit after thirty days.

Why Businesses Need A Verified Twitter Account

Aside from the fact that Twitter is one of the biggest social media sites on the web, getting a verified account will elevate your business into an elite class that will bring you a significant amount of attention and revenue. You will also get access to analytics which is usually only provided to advertisers. Twitter Analytics will help you learn more about your followers, how they engage with your content, and how you can better serve their needs. You also get much more privacy when compared to normal accounts.Having the blue badge by your company name or logo will immediately set you apart from others in your industry.

However, in order to get such an account your company must already be accomplished. Few startup firms will be provided a verified account unless they are well connected or have produced a product or service which is wildly popular or revolutionary. Before applying for a verified account it is best to build a name for your business, appearing in news and other social media sites first before attempting to get a verified account.