When Do You Need HR Consulting?

HR consulting

Apr 29th, 2018 by TRAXPayroll

While HR consulting will benefit most companies, there are a number of indications that an institution seriously needs it. This consultation can go a long way to make your HR department and operations more effective.

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Are You Struggling With Employee Scheduling?

employee scheduling

Apr 20th, 2018 by TRAXPayroll

While employee scheduling is simple when you’re dealing with a handful of employees, it can become more challenging as your business grows in size. Industries such as hospitality, retail, manufacturing and healthcare in particular are notorious for work days which are multi-shift, which can create challenges as staff availability and skills must be balanced with peaks in production or services, while keeping labor costs under control. Below are some reasons why automated scheduling will help you establish schedules which are both compliant and cost effective.

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Don’t Make Common Payroll Errors This Year

common payroll errors

Apr 12th, 2018 by TRAXPayroll

While mistakes will occur from time to time, one area where it should be minimized most is payroll. Small businesses especially are susceptible to errors since they lack the personnel and resources of their larger counterparts, making it challenging for them to keep up with constantly changing regulations. The worst thing about these errors is that even if they are not intentional, if not quickly resolved they can land you in hot water with the Internal Revenue Service. Below are three common payroll errors to watch for this year.

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The Massachusetts Pregnant Workers Fairness Act Takes Effect In April

Massachusetts Pregnant Workers Fairness Act

Apr 3rd, 2018 by TRAXPayroll

The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act has gone into effect starting April 1st. This law basically states that employers within the state of Massachusetts will not be able to deny females or recent mothers proper accommodations, even in cases where her pregnancy or condition isn’t considered a disability within current federal and state discrimination laws.

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What’s Your Policy For Moonlighting Employees?

moonlighting employees

Mar 30th, 2018 by TRAXPayroll

Research shows that about six out of each 100 employees you have will moonlight, or work for another employer. The practice has become common due to the high cost of living in some areas, which require some to work two jobs just to make enough to get ahead. While it has its benefits, it also presents challenges, both for employers as well as their employees. Below are some steps for effectively managing moonlighting employees.

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Protecting Your Payroll Data

payroll data

Mar 24th, 2018 by TRAXPayroll

Payroll departments handle a lot of sensitive data on a daily basis, including addresses, wages, bank account details and social security numbers. As a consequence should this payroll data become compromised the consequences can be absolutely devastating. Below are some steps to ensure it doesn’t happen.

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Tax Changes In 2018 That Every Employer Should Know

tax changes in 2018

Mar 18th, 2018 by TRAXPayroll

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act law is now official, with the Internal Revenue Service releasing its newest tables for withholding of income taxes. Some aspects of the bill have left employers shaking their heads in regards to what it all means, and whether or not they will be affected by it. Below are some details that will clarify tax changes in 2018.

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Best Practices For Using Social Media To Recruit Employees

recruit employees

Mar 13th, 2018 by TRAXPayroll

A growing number of employees, particularly millennials and members of Generation Z, are using social media to find jobs. It is therefore important for large and small employers to utilize this medium in order to recruit employees, but there are specific practices which should be used to get the best results.

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How To Deal With Official IRS Notices

IRS notices

Mar 8th, 2018 by TRAXPayroll

While receiving official IRS notices is rarely a pleasant experience, they can sometimes result from clerical issues or discrepancies involving payment, and can be resolved with ease. However, regardless of whether the issue is simple or complex, it is important for employers to handle these tax notices in the right way.

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Employee Benefits Trends Predicted To Go Big In 2018

employee benefits trends

Feb 25th, 2018 by TRAXPayroll

Employers in multiple industries have become aware of the importance of employee benefits and have taken steps to assist their workers in making sound financial decisions. In particular, employers are emphasizing those benefits which boost worker satisfaction, as well as loyalty and productivity. Here are some of the hottest employee benefits trends which are expected for 2018. Read More