Tips For Effectively Implementing Time and Labor Management Systems

time and labor management systems

Feb 10th, 2018 by TRAXPayroll

When implementing time and labor management systems, it is important to have a clear plan as well as a qualified project manager who can oversee it. Due to the growing adoption of solutions which are cloud based, deploying these systems has become much easier in recent years. Below are some recommendations which will streamline the process further. Read More

HR Trends For 2018

HR trends for 2018

Feb 5th, 2018 by TRAXPayroll

2018 is here, and with it are trends which will shape the human resources landscape. Every business, irrespective of industry, should want to keep abreast of these new developments, and below are the hottest HR trends which you should expect and prepare for this year and beyond. Read More

How To Successfully Negotiate Salaries

negotiate your salary

Jan 23rd, 2018 by TRAXPayroll

To negotiate the most desirable payroll salary, you must emphasize the interests of each side, while maintaining principles which are ethical. It is best to avoid rigidity in favor of flexibility, and you should also do your research prior to beginning negotiations so you can be sure you have firm ground to stand on. Below are some additional best practices.

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How To Enhance Labor Management Procedures

labor management procedures

Jan 19th, 2018 by TRAXPayroll

Today’s business environment, irrespective of industry, is fast paced and continually fluctuating. This has made labor management a real challenge for many employers, as it requires a good mixture of performance, monitoring and reporting in a manner that can boost the productivity of the workforce. Below are some ways that businesses can enhance their labor management procedures in a constantly changing world.

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Questions for HR Interviews To Prepare For

HR interviews

Jan 15th, 2018 by TRAXPayroll

Questions from behavioral interviews are designed to get you to reveal how you responded to certain past scenarios. The answers you give will inform Human Resources as to how you might behave in the future if similar situations occur. Giving the wrong answer on such interviews could cost you the position, so below are some common questions asked during these interviews and how to respond to them.

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How To Structure An Outstanding Mentoring Program

mentoring program

Jan 9th, 2018 by TRAXPayroll

The uncertain and constantly changing nature of the world economy has posed significant challenges for small and large businesses in all industries. Many employees are looking for support and direction, but many businesses aren’t giving it to them. The best way to assist them is through a mentoring program. Such programs can go a long ways towards helping workers navigate through challenging times, but such programs must be created and implemented correctly. Below are some best practices for achieving this.

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What Employers Should Know About ACA Penalty Notices

ACA penalty notices

Jan 3rd, 2018 by TRAXPayroll

Recent actions by the IRS indicate that it’s about to take action regarding ACA mandate penalties. For months business owners have speculated about the ACA and employer responsibility within it, and how stringently the Internal Revenue Service would enforce it. The agency recently updated its Q and A for shared responsibilities among employers, and has revealed that mandate penalties for employers will be enforced and showcased within the 226J letter. Whether or not an employer is held liable is dependent primarily on the data which the employer submitted to the IRS previously. Below is the most important things business owners need to be aware of.

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Best Practices For Distributing Gifts At The Workplace During The Holidays

distributing gifts at the workplace during the holidays

Dec 22nd, 2017 by TRAXPayroll

Some holiday gifts are appropriate to give to your colleagues at the workplace, while others are not. Giving a gift which is inappropriate could result in an awkward moment, or even cause tension between departments. Here are some best practices for ensuring that this doesn’t happen.

Remember That Everyone Has Different Tastes

The most challenging aspect of workplace gift giving is ensuring the gifts you provide are in accordance with the tastes of the recipient. A common mistake which is made by those who purchase gifts is selecting items based on their tastes as opposed of those of the recipient. This is a losing scenario for you and the recipient, as you’re wasting money on something they will end up not using or possibly even tossing in the trash.

Don’t Buy Your Boss A Gift Just Because They Give You One

If your boss gives you a gift during the holidays, rather than going out and buying them one in return, write up a nice thank you letter which acknowledges you have received it and show your gratitude. The trouble with buying your boss a gift is that you might not know what they want and you could appear to be “sucking up” which is never a good impression.

If You Buy A Gift For One Colleague, You Should Probably Buy One For Everyone

Favoritism is not a trait you want to demonstrate, especially during the holidays. Everyone has colleagues that they prefer over others, but you should never make it too obvious. So, if you decide to buy a Christmas gift for one person, you should ideally buy one for everyone in the department, and if your budget won’t allow it, then it’s probably best not to buy any gifts at all, as you don’t want to create hard feelings among others.

Know Your Company’s Culture

A gift which is appropriate for a colleague that works in a large business like Apple might not be appropriate for a colleague that works at a smaller business. Before shopping for gifts, you should carefully examine the culture of your company. Generally speaking, the more relaxing the company environment, the wider range you will have in the gifts you select. Learn the hobbies of your co-workers and listen to them during conversations to find out what interests them and what items they’d like to buy.

You should also purchase and distribute the gifts in advance since your co-workers will do their own Christmas shopping and may inadvertently buy the same things that you’ve already purchased. Distributing gifts to co-workers and especially your boss is a gesture that is personal, and it must be done in the right way, otherwise the feelings of one or both sides could be hurt, which won’t help company morale. Remember, you’re spending your hard-earned money on gifts with the expectation that those who receive them will be gracious, and following these tips will ensure they are!

Get To Know About 1094-C & 1095-C For Mandatory 2017 Reporting

1094-C and 1095-C

Dec 21st, 2017 by TRAXPayroll

In September, the Internal Revenue Service introduced the 1094-C and 1095-C forms, which should be applied towards 2017 mandatory reporting. Below is what you need to know about these documents and how they should be used.

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How To Effectively Protect Cloud Payroll

cloud payroll

Dec 19th, 2017 by TRAXPayroll

Payroll data is highly coveted by cyber criminals today. Should it fall into their hands, the consequences will be horrific. The information will either be quickly sold to third parties or used to commit identity or digital theft. Companies which fail to secure their employee’s time and labor data and other salary information could find themselves hit with multiple lawsuits and crippling fines. As a consequence, many HR departments have looked for new ways to secure data, with cloud computing being one of the most popular. Below are some tips for effectively securing cloud payroll.

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