Best Practices For Using Social Media To Recruit Employees

Best Practices For Using Social Media To Recruit Employees

A growing number of employees, particularly millennials and members of Generation Z, are using social media to find jobs. It is therefore important for large and small employers to utilize this medium in order to recruit employees, but there are specific practices which should be used to get the best results.

Use Social Media Advertising Which Is Carefully Targeted

The best social media advertising is that which is targeted to specific candidates. Employers and recruiters must stay away from generalized advertising, as it will mostly attract candidates who are unqualified or desperate. Instead, to get the most out of your advertising dollars, be very specific in the type of work you’re offering so that only the most suitable candidates are likely to respond.

Utilize Social Media Referral Systems That Are Reward Based

Social media has unleashed the power of networking in a manner that no previous system could have conceived of. It gives employers the opportunity to create referral systems that are reward based, meaning that for every candidate that is hired as a  result of the referral of an existing employee can result in that employee receiving some type of perk, such as bonus pay or other benefits. This creates a win/win situation where the employer gets access to qualified candidates and existing employees are rewarded for their efforts. Combined with mobile and digital technology, this can quickly led to the development of a dynamic and cohesive workforce.

Collaborate With Influencers To Reinforce Your Marketing Efforts

There are many institutions and individuals who have already established followings for the types of recruits you’re looking for. As such it is crucial to forge bonds with them, so that you can extend and enhance the capabilities of your recruiting network. Through these relationships it may be possible to significantly multiply the amount of people you can reach, which will dramatically improve your efforts. Job recruiting is not a task that should be left to a single group, and must instead be a concerted, dedicated effort that involves a large and sophisticated network.

Recognize The Possibilities Of Smartphone Recruitment

Few modern devices symbolize global connectivity more than the smartphone. Studies show that the majority of social media users are now accessing sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter through their mobile device. Therefore, any employer or recruiter who is not using advertising which is compatible with these devices is putting themselves at a considerable disadvantage. First, your recruiting site should be mobile friendly and compatible. Second, your marketing messages must be short and concise, and you should have someone on hand that can communicate with candidates via their mobile devices.

Due to the large databases of resumes which are available today, the challenges involved with sourcing candidates have largely evaporated. However, recruiters must still be able to navigate social networking hubs to identify the most promising candidates, which require sifting through a large number of profiles. Learning how to do this in the most efficient manner is essential.