Are You Struggling With Employee Scheduling?

Are You Struggling With Employee Scheduling?

While employee scheduling is simple when you’re dealing with a handful of employees, it can become more challenging as your business grows in size. Industries such as hospitality, retail, manufacturing and healthcare in particular are notorious for work days which are multi-shift, which can create challenges as staff availability and skills must be balanced with peaks in production or services, while keeping labor costs under control. Below are some reasons why automated scheduling will help you establish schedules which are both compliant and cost effective.

What is Automated Scheduling?

Automated scheduling involves the usage of software programs which can automatically implement schedules which are exceptionally productive, lawful and profitable. Such systems take advantage of historical data regarding labor and its costs, giving managers crucial information which would inform them of the best times to call in additional help, enact overtime, or send workers home for the day. Limitations in computing processing power made such systems infeasible in the past, but today they have become viable. Implementation of such programs will provide the following benefits.

Shifts Will Become Easier To Cover

Employees that use mobile apps will be in a prime position to cover their counterparts, who are unable to come to work due to a family problem, sickness, or other reasons. A request for replacement can quickly be transmitted to multiple employees within the roster, and the shift can be covered far faster and more efficiently than any system which was used in the past.

Burn out is a common problem for employees in high stress industries such as healthcare. Any employee that works too much without rest will eventually suffer from mental and or physical fatigue. Automated scheduling eliminates this problem by ensuring that the workload is balanced evenly between the entire staff, which not only allows employees to be more productive, it will also reduce your turnover rate.

It Better Enables You To Provide Attractive Perks For New Hires

Every sensible employer wants to attract the best talent his industry has to offer. To achieve this, you must provide perks and incentives which are more attractive than the competition. Automated scheduling tools allow this through apps which can be downloaded onto smartphones which allow new and long term employees to automatically receive requests for schedules, download their pay stubs automatically, and access ESS, or Employee Self Service functions.

You Will Save A Lot Of Money And Time

It is easy to take automated scheduling solutions for granted, but in the past, it wasn’t unusual for managers to spend hours in their office attempting to manually produce the correct schedules their employees, so that the business could operate in the most effective manner. Not only was this inefficient, it was prone to error. Those days are gone, at least for businesses smart enough to upgrade to automated scheduling. Managers can now spend their time doing other things which are important, such as assisting employees and increasing the satisfaction of their customers.