5 Unconventional Employee Benefits

5 Unconventional Employee Benefits

A common problem that many small businesses experience is a high employee turnover rate. One way to avoid this is to provide employee benefits that give them an incentive to stick around. Think about using unconventional benefits, as the standard employee benefits which have been used for decades are no longer enough to attract and maintain the best talent. Below are some unconventional ideas that will help your company in retaining worthy employees:

Offer Healthy Food for Free

During lunch breaks at traditional companies, employees will often drive to nearby cafes and restaurants to get something to eat, or if they remain in the office, they might pay for food from vending machines. Neither option is very healthy, nor is having to leave the premises to sit in traffic and wait to get something to eat within a time limit.

This stress can be significantly alleviated by offering healthy, great tasting food in your business premises free of charge. There is a growing trend among young people opting for healthy food, and hiring a chef (or culinary student if your funds are limited), is a great way to have food available on the premises so that employees don’t have to drive to nearby restaurants or eat healthy food.

Allow Employees to Work from Home

This is another unconventional benefit that can provide spectacular results in both employee productivity and turnover rate. Think for a moment how much time workers spend commuting from home to work in a single week? It is often hours which turn into days and then weeks in the long run. Imagine how much time can be saved if an employee could get up and work from home as opposed to having to get dressed and drive to work?

An additional benefit of allowing employees to work from home is that it helps the environment due to reduced fossil fuel emissions which result from vehicle traffic. Employees will also have less stress and more time to spend with their families. Of course, you can still set up parameters such as having at least two days that they must be physically present in the office.

Allow Employees to Set Their Own Schedules

Traditionally, employers will set and determine schedules for their employees. But times are changing, and employers in many industries will find it better to allow employees to set their own schedules, completing projects at their own pace.

Do Away with Dress Code

The employee dress code is becoming an old fashioned, outdated concept. Requiring your employees to dress or wear their hair in a specific way shows a lack of respect for them, and is not relevant to how well they will perform. The only thing that should matter to an employer is whether an employee can get the job done, not whether they wear shorts or dreadlocks.

Offer Daycare Facilities in Your Business Premises

Providing daycare facilities within your workplace is a great way to show employees with young children that you care. An employee who has to wait until their lunch break or after work to drive across town to a daycare center is going to be under a lot more stress than an employee that doesn’t have to worry about that. Traditional daycare also costs money, and offering this service for free to employees who are parents will go a long way towards retaining their services. If employers can afford it, offering daycare is a savvy move!