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Why Corporations Must Avoid The Matrix Structure

matrix structure

Aug 28th, 2018 by TRAXPayroll

The society is in the midst of a transition where the traditional one employee/one manager system is becoming obsolete. Instead, it has become commonplace in large businesses  and even some small businesses for one corporate denizen to be subject to numerous managers, each of which will be responsible for different work assignments. This arrangement is also referred to as being the matrix, and although change in business is usually considered a good thing, below are some reasons why this structure should be avoided.

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What 1099 Employees Need To Know About Taxes

1099 employees

Aug 23rd, 2018 by TRAXPayroll

1099 employees, whether they work in the office of their employer or at home, have access to much greater freedom and flexibility than traditional forms of employment. At the same time, this freedom comes with more responsibility, particularly when it comes to taxes. Both self-employed people and contractors must familiarize themselves with their employment status, and how their taxes should be filed, as a failure to do so could lead to steep fines and other penalties.

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Performing Same Day Payroll The Right Way

same day payroll

Aug 14th, 2018 by TRAXPayroll

Most employers now use ACH transactions to compensate their employees. ACH, or Automated Clearing House, comes in the form of electronic payments, direct deposit, bill pay or direct debits. One of the greatest benefits of ACH is that it allows for same day payroll. Below are some tips for doing it correctly.

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Why The Management of Your Workforce Must Evolve

management of your workforce

Aug 6th, 2018 by TRAXPayroll

Workforce management, like other aspects of human existence, is in a constant state of flux. The goal of most small and large businesses, irrespective of industry, is to satisfy their customers while earning their loyalty. One method of achieving this is ensuring your organization constantly pursues the perfect structure, and a key component of achieving this is the manner in which the workforce is managed.

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