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Don’t Make The Mistake of Mixing Your Business Credit And Personal Credit

business credit

Jul 27th, 2017 by TRAXPayroll

It is critical for those running a business to keep their business credit and personal credit separate. While this isn’t much of a problem for medium to large businesses, it is a common mistake made by small businesses. Below are some tips for making sure the two types of credit are kept separated.

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Do You Need To Keep Payroll Records Forever?

payroll records

Jul 25th, 2017 by TRAXPayroll

Many employers have questions about payroll records and how long they should be kept. The Internal Revenue Service has its own list of requirements, which you need to know. Here’s the answers to the titular question, as well as other noteworthy payroll record related questions.

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FMLA Leave vs. Short Term Disability

FMLA leave

Jul 20th, 2017 by TRAXPayroll

When employees become injured or ill, or they’re expecting a child, they may decide to take time off work. This leave of absence can be confusing for both them and their employer. The reason for this is because there are different types of off time, two of which are FMLA leave and short term disability leave. Understanding the two types, as well as when employees can use it, is essential.

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Best Practices For Maintaining Employee Payroll Records

employee payroll records

Jul 18th, 2017 by TRAXPayroll

Record keeping is a fundamental aspect of running a business, especially when employees are present. Their records must be correctly maintained and stored in the right location and format. Below are some additional practices which are highly recommended for maintaining employee payroll records.

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What Your Small Business Needs To Know About AHCA


Jul 13th, 2017 by TRAXPayroll

The AHCA, or American Health Care Act, recently passed the House of Representatives and is considered the replacement of Obamacare. This has left many small business owners wandering what it means for them and their employees. Below are some important things you should know.

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How New Startups Can Tackle Payroll Setup For The First Time

payroll setup

Jul 11th, 2017 by TRAXPayroll

Payroll setup is a process that every startup has to undergo at some point. Many business owners aren’t familiar with this, and may delegate the task to a manager or HR staff member. Regardless, it is important to familiarize yourself with the steps involved as payroll is one of the most important aspects of your business.

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What HR Challenges Do Non-Profit Organizations Face?

HR challenges

Jul 6th, 2017 by TRAXPayroll

Non-profit institutions face many of the same challenges as their for profit counterparts, although with more limited resources. The rapid growth of non-profit organizations over the last decade has led to a heavily saturated market where it is harder to get funding. This has created HR challenges for staff members who are responsible for recruiting the top candidates, without having the resources to do so. Here are some additional human resource challenges that non-profit institutions face.

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Compliance Tips For Unpaid Internships

unpaid internships

Jul 4th, 2017 by TRAXPayroll

Unpaid internships are an opportunity for companies to scout promising talent while helping them gain the experience they’ll need to effectively function in their departments. At the same time, there are some rules and regulations which must be adhered to when working with them, most of which are related to time and wages.

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