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Tips For Implementing An Employee Referral Program

employee referral program

Apr 27th, 2017 by TRAXPayroll

A good employee referral program is essential to attracting the top workers who share your organization’s mission statement. However, the best referral program in the world is meaningless if it is not implemented properly. Here are some tips for implementing it the right way.

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What Can Your Time & Labor Management Data Tell You?

time & labor management

Apr 25th, 2017 by TRAXPayroll

Time & labor management tools can provide crucial insights in regards to productivity, cost management and compliance. They can also assist you in the establishment of KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators for attendance within your organization. Having access to this information will enable you to make better decisions which are driven by data. The most important metrics to consider are overtime, labor costs, and absences.

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Key Tips To Outsourcing Employee Benefits Management

employee benefits management

Apr 20th, 2017 by TRAXPayroll

When employee benefits management is improperly implemented by third-party contractors, a company can incur substantial costs in regards to its efficiency and effectiveness when providing work benefits to employees. Even small businesses may experience delays when it comes to processing important forms and enrollments. Below are some tips that will allow benefits management for workers to be outsourced with ease:

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How To Deal With An EEOC Complaint

EEOC complaint

Apr 18th, 2017 by TRAXPayroll

If you’re a business owner, you may have received an EEOC complaint through the mail. This means that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was sent a notice by one of your employees that they were the victims of discrimination. When receiving such notices in the mail you should respond to them promptly and correctly as they are serious.

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Key Areas In Your Payroll Data To Analyze For Management Reporting

payroll data

Apr 13th, 2017 by TRAXPayroll

Payroll data is a crucial component of businesses and as such can provide important financial benefits. In a nutshell, it tells you where your company stands and how it is doing. It is one of the most frequently updated pieces of data that an organization can analyze, and since you’re required by law to maintain payroll information which is live, you don’t have to worry about making critical decisions based on outdated information. Here are some other areas of payroll that you will want to carefully analyze.

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Is Your HDHP HSA-Qualified?


Apr 11th, 2017 by TRAXPayroll

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are favored by people who want comprehensive health insurance that is individualized. Such programs also allow them to grow their savings tax free and can be rolled over from year to year. However, before contributing to a HSA, one must first be enrolled within a HDHP, or high deductible health plan. HDHPs have a deductible which is higher than standard insurance plans, so here is how to determine if you’re HSA-qualified.

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How To Market Your Organization Successfully To Millennials

market your organization

Apr 6th, 2017 by TRAXPayroll

To market your organization to millennials, it is important to understand their needs, desires and what makes them different from previous generations. A millennial is someone born at the end of the 1970s or early 1980s, who came of age at the dawn of the new millennium. These are the children of baby boomers and by 2020 they will comprise at least 50 percent of the work force as their parents retire. Below are some ways to attract top performing millennials to your organization.

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Be A Champion This Tax Season

tax season

Apr 4th, 2017 by TRAXPayroll

Businesses must prepare themselves for the annual tax season, and this means being aware of the constant changes which are occurring regarding taxation. Keeping abreast of these developments will keep your taxes lower and less onerous. Always consult your Certified Public Accountant, if you have any concerns about your taxation matters.

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