2017 Workplace Trends To Look Out For

2017 Workplace Trends To Look Out For

Trends in the workplace, like so many areas of life, are in a constant state of flux. Just a few of the changes which have been witnessed in the workplace during 2016 include overtime and salary, the elimination of yearly performance reviews, and the increasing desire for a workforce which is on-demand. Here are some 2017 workplace trends to watch for.

Greater Collaboration Between Freelancers And Employees

Also known as the “blended workforce,” 2017 will emphasize greater collaboration between freelancers and employees. A number of studies have indicated that freelance workers could comprise as much as forty percent of the workforce within just a few years. One reason for this trend is the pressure that Obamacare has placed on employers to provide healthcare coverage for employees. Since freelance workers are essentially independent contractors who must be responsible for their own healthcare by hiring them companies save money, while also using them to solve specific challenges.

Greater Collaboration Between Generation Z and Millennials

2017 marks the year that Generation Z, or individuals born on or after 1993, will enter the workforce. They will collaborate with younger Millennials who are either their co-workers or older Millennials who are their managers. Generation Z, who has never known a world without the Internet, will bring new opportunities and challenges to the workplace that older generations will need to prepare for and adapt to, and vice versa.

The Maturing Of Virtual Reality And Its Usage In Training and Hiring

Virtual reality was first developed during the 1990s, but only recently have costs fallen to the point that it is affordable enough for many businesses to use it to train employees. Increases in processing power in accordance to Moore’s Law mean that the technology is finally beginning to mature. Research shows that profits from the VR industry are expected to reach at least $8 billion dollar within 2 years. VR has great potential both within the business sector and military, particularly for training purposes.

Performance Reviews Will Evolve Into Continuous Reviews

One of the hottest topics within HR involves performance reviews and what should be done about them. History proves that the yearly performance reviews done in the past were inefficient at best, but employees must be notified of their performance and ways in which it can be improved. Continuous reviews are a new trend that is expected to kick off in 2017, where employees will receive reviews more frequently. This will be beneficial to younger generations who want instant gratification and prefer not to wait 12 months to know how well they’re doing.

Competition For Talent Will Increase Among Employers

Changes in the workplace have led to greater competition among employers, and this trend will continue into 2017. The average company today retains an employee for about 4.6 years, but among Millennials it is about half that time. Recruiting and hiring new employees is expensive and becomes more so when those employees don’t perform and have to be replaced. Therefore, employers are going to greater lengths to hire the top talent and retain them for as long as possible.