April 2016 Archives

Going Paperless At Your Workplace

creating workplace paperless

Apr 28th, 2016 by TRAXPayroll

A growing number of businesses are transitioning into a paperless environment. There are many advantages to doing this, and a number of start-ups have created services and products which make this transition easier. However, there are some general things you should consider when planning to go paperless, as both regulations and the needs of your clients may impact your ability to change completely.

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Learn To Evaluate Your Employees Better!

how to evaluate employee performance

Apr 26th, 2016 by TRAXPayroll

Employee evaluations are often unpopular with both employees and their employers, and there are a number of reasons for this. While these evaluations are considered a necessity because they can help to shape the development of your employees, they are only effective when the right strategies are considered. When evaluations are done correctly they will lead to greater effectiveness while being less tedious for those who administer them.

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It’s Tax Season Again!

arrival of tax season

Apr 21st, 2016 by TRAXPayroll

A lot of changes have occurred within the last year which will require attention to detail when preparing for the 2016 tax season.  The good news is that your HR department can play a supporting role to ensure important goals are met. Below are some things to keep in mind for this year:

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Looking For The Best Healthcare Insurance For Your Small Business Employees?

small businesses best healthcare insurance

Apr 19th, 2016 by TRAXPayroll

While finding the best healthcare insurance plan for your workers can be tough, it has become a lot easier. The Affordable Care Act provides more options for employers, which makes it easier for them to find a plan that suits their needs. Below are some options to consider when searching for the most optimal employee healthcare plan.

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What You Need To Know About The Small Business Healthcare Relief Act

act for healthcare relief

Apr 14th, 2016 by TRAXPayroll

The Small Business Healthcare Relief Act, or SBHRA, is a bipartisan plan which will allow small businesses to utilize Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA) to help their workers with out of pocket costs for healthcare and insurance. It was first proposed in June of 2015 and has numerous co-sponsors in the Senate and House. Below are some additional details regarding this plan:

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2016 Workplace Trends That You Should Know

workplace trends changes in 2016

Apr 12th, 2016 by TRAXPayroll

Workplace trends can have a significant impact on office life. While in the past, many large corporations served as industry trendsetters, a growing number of smaller enterprises are making their mark in recent years. 2016 is the year in which more changes will become visible in the workplace, and it can be helpful for both employees and their employers to become familiar with them.

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Quality Customer Support Is Key To The Success Of A Payroll SaaS Business

business payroll SaaS customer support

Apr 7th, 2016 by TRAXPayroll

The introduction of software solutions which are cloud based has led to the term SaaS, which stands for Software as a Service. While more people are becoming familiar with cloud computing, SaaS is a distinct concept which is an extension of it.

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Why Does Your Business Need A Time and Labor Management System?

automated system for time & labor management

Apr 5th, 2016 by TRAXPayroll

There are a number of obvious reasons why employers should track the amount of time their employees spend at work. In addition to payroll, which requires the employer to know the specific amount of time spent working, it is also important determine which employees are wasting time or working in a remote area. A great way to accomplish this is through the implementation of a time & labor management system. Some employers may be reluctant to invest in such a time tracking system, but below are a list of reasons they should:

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