2016 Workplace Trends That You Should Know

2016 Workplace Trends That You Should Know

Workplace trends can have a significant impact on office life. While in the past, many large corporations served as industry trendsetters, a growing number of smaller enterprises are making their mark in recent years. 2016 is the year in which more changes will become visible in the workplace, and it can be helpful for both employees and their employers to become familiar with them.

Changes to Work Life Balance

A growing number of companies are recognizing the importance of being flexible when it comes to balancing home and work life. More firms are now offering their workers more vacations, greater freedom, control over the work they perform, and flexible schedules. However, these freedom bits also come with increased responsibility. Employees are expected to be readily available, responsive to the needs of their employers, and will be held more liable for their actions. Employers who can afford it are also offering daycare facilities onsite so that employees who are parents can take care of their children while working with greater motivation.

Leadership Changes

Changes to industry leadership will be one of the most important 2016 workplace trends. In the past, company leaders were usually selected based on their experience and commitment to the organization. Today, companies are going in a new direction, and rather than using a top-down approach, they are recruiting leaders who inspire and work closely with their subordinates. Who knows, Tom who sits next to you this year might be your boss next year!

Changes in Presentation Software

Although PowerPoint will maintain its status as the standard presentation software used by many companies, other tools such as Adobe After Effects are gaining a strong following. The reason for this is because advances in computer power and networking have prompted firms to move away from static presentation tools in favor of those that offer video or motion graphics.

Changes to Performance Assessment

Another important trend that will be seen this year in companies across a wide range of industries will be the elimination of performance reviews. The effectiveness of these rankings has come into question, for a number of reasons. Performance reviews deal with issues that have occurred in the past, and focus too much on the employees as opposed to their supervisors and co-workers. Companies are replacing performance reviews with alternatives which are designed to focus on future improvement as opposed to past mistakes, and many of these newer solutions are designed to guide and reward workers who improve their performance.

The Growing Use of Remote Teams

Changes in communication technology have created a world where it is no longer necessary to always concentrate hundreds or thousands of employees within the same facility. Many companies are transitioning into a system where the firm is comprised of a network of employee teams that operate from remote locations. This allows employers to work with a talent pool who is better qualified, and this increases efficiency while reducing operational costs.

Many of the trends that we will see in 2016 are the beginning of a new era which will persist in the years ahead. These changes are not only a result of advances in technology, but also a reaction to customer demand. Are you excited about these workplace trends? Do let us know!