Built-In Employee Communication Features

The built-in employee communication features are integrated into our comprehensive TRAXBenefits software system and can considerably ease the job of your administrators or managers. These unique features allow your personnel to communicate important information and messages in a simpler and more efficient way. News and announcements can be sent to all employees through mass emails by just clicking a couple of buttons.

Benefits of Using TRAXBenefits for Built-In Employee Communication Features

This unique and practical feature will save you and your employees valuable time when communicating important announcements, some key benefits include:

The TRAXBenefits Difference for Built-In Employee Communication Features

Clients use the TRAXBenefits system because it is reliable and can considerably streamline operations. Our services are fully tailored to your business’ specifications and needs, saving you time and money.  Our software solutions are easy to implement but should you or your employees have any questions or issues along the way, our highly trained customer service representatives are always available to help.

To learn more about the built-in employee communication features provided by our TRAXBenefits system, give us a call today at 866-872-9123!

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