Real-Time Dashboard

TRAX ACA’s real-time dashboard is an integrated management tool that lets you keep an eye on important alerts to stay on top of key reporting dates. With our intuitive dashboard, monitoring metrics and KPIs critical to your business’s ACA compliance as well as forecasting which variable-hour employees are trending toward full-time status is made easy.

Benefits of Using TRAX ACA’s Real-Time Dashboard

With a simple, clean layout, our dashboard helps the user to gain valuable insights on where they stand in the ACA regulatory process. Here are the main advantages of using our real-time dashboard:

The TRAX ACA Difference for Real-Time Dashboard Features

At TRAXPayroll, we want to simplify your ACA compliance processes and protect your company from potential liabilities. Some of the features of our real-time dashboard include penalty calculations, stability period, pay rate affordability status, potential annual penalty liabilities, offered coverage, days remaining in action period, new hires and more.

The dashboard gives all your key compliance data up front, and the rest of the features are easy to find and navigate. What’s more, it’s intuitive to use, and has a gentle learning curve. Simply put, with our real-time dashboard, you will receive the powerful convenience of having all your ACA data in one place for comprehensive monitoring and reporting.

Feel free to email us or call us today at 866-872-9123 to find out more about our cloud-based ACA compliance suite. We will be happy to do a software demonstration for you and help you understand the stellar after-sales support we can provide for this product.

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