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It is mandatory to track monthly hours as it will determine if you qualify as an Applicable Large Employer (ALE). If you are, you will need to offer affordable health insurance coverage for eligible employees. Tracking work hours and healthcare coverage eligibility for your employees require a substantial amount of Excel importing and exporting work across multiple data sources.

TRAX ACA ensures that the importing and exporting of this information is done seamlessly to help you file the 1094-C and 1095-C forms accurately, and avoid potential penalties under the Employer Shared Responsibility regulations. With TRAX ACA, you can complete Excel importing and exporting much faster, and focus on more strategic issues that your organization faces.

Benefits of Using TRAX ACA for Excel Importing & Exporting

TRAX ACA offers you a suite of refined solutions which include convenient Excel importing and exporting capabilities as a midmarket ERP system. Here are the key benefits you can enjoy:

The TRAX ACA Difference for Excel Importing & Exporting

To ease the burden of meeting ACA reporting requirements, we offer smart solutions that can do all the heavy lifting for you. One of the biggest challenges you will find in many ERP systems that are developed for ACA compliance is a lack of the capability to perform Excel importing and exporting. This is where TRAX ACA rises up to the occasion, have got you covered.

Our innovative software can import employee data exported from Excel spreadsheets, allows the user to set defaults for data that does not exist inside the spreadsheets, and the user can also import any other data from a spreadsheet so that preparing the 1094-C/1095-C forms is a breeze. Example fields that can be imported include employee name, address, social security number, employee share of lowest cost monthly premium, applicable Section 4980H Safe Harbor code, and covered individuals.

If you wish to know more about how our TRAX ACA software suite can make ACA reporting easier for your business, feel free to contact us today via phone or email. Our friendly representatives are ready to impress you with our industry knowledge on ACA compliance!

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