ACA Employee Categorization

ACA monthly tracking and annual reporting can be highly challenging without the right tools and support. With TRAX ACA, you get to take advantage of fantastic features such as ACA Employee Categorization. It can easily help you determine if an employee should be offered affordable healthcare insurance coverage. TRAX ACA is also specially designed to confirm the work status of existing employees and determine if they are variable hour, seasonal or new employees. Our module’s algorithm utilizes a safe harbor method that will help you avoid potential ESR-related penalties down the road.

Benefits of Using TRAX ACA for ACA Employee Categorization

ACA Employee Categorization is a service feature of TRAX ACA that streamlines the employee classification process. You will receive these benefits when you use our software suite:

Tips for Tackling ACA Employee Categorization

The following tips will also help to ensure that you classify your employees correctly for ACA reporting:

If you wish to learn more about the capabilities of our TRAX ACA software suite, and the ACA Employee Categorization feature, do call us at 866-872-9123 or drop us an email today to schedule a consultation.

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