National Auto Parts Distributor

Industry: Automotive
Number of Employees: Over 200
Location: California
Customer Since: 2009


The Client

This California-based client distributes auto parts to all 50 states in the United States. They have more than 200 employees which consist of both full time and part time staff. They also have franchisees located all over the country.

The Challenge

The client worked with a previous payroll and human resources management service provider and was paying $45,000 annually. They realized that the expenses were too inflated and were not satisfied with the software. They also lamented that the customer service was not up to par.

The client also had to use 4 to 6 days per month to process payroll and felt that it was not helping their business productivity. The essential dates for product training for their staff were also hard to track and confirm. Because of these problems, the client wanted an in-house solution that their employees could easily use that would not require extensive training.

The Solution

We proposed the use of our TRAXPayroll system as well as TRAXTimecard system so that they could manage their payroll and employee tracking tasks more efficiently. We also promised that they would be satisfied with our customer service standards.

The Result

TRAXPayroll’s out of box pricing was $16,000 annually, which made the client extremely pleased based on the better software systems and services they received. They were also satisfied with our customer service which could address their concerns within minutes.

Our payroll solution also helped to streamline their payroll processing period to 1 day, effectively boosting their productivity and saving them time. With our TRAXTimecard service, they also had no issues tracking training dates for their employees.

Above all, the client pointed out that the best feature we offered was the user-friendly interface of our system. They found our program very easy to use and their employees have not reported any difficulties in utilizing our systems.


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