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How To Identify Disengaged Employees & Deal With Them

how to identify a disengaged worker

Dec 22nd, 2015 by TRAXPayroll

There are many factors which will contribute to an employee’s commitment to their job, and some of these include job satisfaction, an alignment which is identical to those of their employer, and the desire to go above and beyond what is needed to help their employer achieve desirable goals. Unfortunately, there comes a time when the commitment level of an employee may deteriorate. The pattern typically begins with the employee being fascinated with their new job, but after three to five months, their commitment will decline, as they come face-to-face with the reality of their work.

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Making The Transition From Paper-Based To Online HR & Payroll

from paper-based to online payroll HR matters

Dec 15th, 2015 by TRAXPayroll

Transitioning to a workplace solution that provides complete workforce management can greatly assist institutions which are employee focused. When payroll, attendance and time are combined with core HR into a single system, institutions can save a tremendous amount of time while also preventing errors and duplication during data entry.

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Why Should You Use Cloud-Based HR Solutions?

HR executive using cloud solutions

Dec 10th, 2015 by TRAXPayroll

Cloud based HR solutions are the modern alternative to paper based systems, meant for the management of human resources. The reason for this is because such a solution is a long term and stable method which gives companies the ability to enhance their processes while structuring their workforce for business related initiatives. Institutions that choose to use cloud HR technology are gaining both cost and productivity advantages over institutions that continue to use traditional systems.

Cloud based technology provides an HR system with a core that is unified, which is ideal for companies that have or intend to have operations in multiple regions. Additionally, the cost of owning and operating these cloud based systems is low and they do not require constant software upgrades. Below are some ways that cloud based systems will streamline operations while also providing more time for strategic initiatives:

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Tips On Managing Toxic Employees

toxic employees

Nov 12th, 2015 by TRAXPayroll

Almost everyone in the office knows what a toxic colleague looks like. These individuals can bring the whole team down by being negative, lazy, vindictive, gossipy and more. When such employees achieve managerial positions, they can easily increase the staff turnover rate because their subordinates do not respect them as leaders or find it hard to work under them. It is pertinent that you come up with a plan before approaching a toxic employee so they do not influence the rest of your staff in a negative way. Here are a few tips to deal with toxic employees:

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Why You Should Hire Remote Workers

hiring remote workers

Nov 5th, 2015 by TRAXPayroll

Many business owners ask themselves whether they should hire remote workers or even give their current employees the choice to work from wherever they want. While many of them may not favor the idea of hiring remote workers because they feel that it can be a form of managerial oversight, research shows that hiring such workers have many benefits that outweigh the negatives. Here are some of the key benefits on why you should hire remote workers.

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Employee Pay: Should It Be Public Or Private Knowledge?

employee pay public or private knowledge

Oct 15th, 2015 by TRAXPayroll

When the topic of whether employee remunerations should be transparent is discussed, it is often hard to come to a consensus. Today, an increasing number of employees are requesting for a more honest and open approach to sharing information about everything from company financials to hiring decisions to employee salaries. On the surface, it may feel like it is a good idea to make employee salaries public, but there are certain factors you should consider beforehand and decide whether revealing the salaries of employees is good for your business.

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Top Tips For Administering Surveys For Employees

administering employee surveys

Oct 6th, 2015 by TRAXPayroll

Employee surveys are highly regarded as an excellent tool for discovering what employees really want and helping employers to keep their workers engaged. When these surveys are utilized correctly, they can provide positive results such as decreased absence, improved performance, lower turnover rates and many other great benefits that pertain to engagement.

However, you should take great care to avoid misusing these surveys as they can cause negative impacts on the benefits that were mentioned earlier, and even cause employees to feel less engaged or undervalued. The following tips can be helpful to assist employers in the administration of employee surveys in the most effective manner.

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Which Type Of Employee Behaviors Should You Celebrate & Reward?

recognize good employee behaviors

Oct 1st, 2015 by TRAXPayroll

Oftentimes, recognition and rewards in the corporate world are based on an activity’s tangible outcome. Closing a big account, reducing the time of answering support tickets or hitting sales quotas are some of the events that employees expect to be rewarded for. But if you give you this a second thought, you will realize that these achievements are actually part of the job. In fact, it is why you hire them in the first place.

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Hiring And Retaining Awesome Employees

hiring and retaining great employees

Sep 3rd, 2015 by TRAXPayroll

Regardless of the size and stage of a company, employees are indispensable. They keep the engine rolling so to speak, and influence the future of a company to a good degree. Employers have varying ideas of the characteristics that define an awesome employee.

The set of standards that define an awesome employee cannot be the same across different industries, geographical locations, and company visions. Thus, the first and quite often the only step, is to define these standards. Once you have done so, it will not be difficult to identify an awesome employee when you see one.

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Have You Planned Summer Activities For Your Employees Yet?

HR planning summer activities for employees

Aug 4th, 2015 by TRAXPayroll

To many of us, summer time is fun time. The sun is out and there are tons of great experiences to be had outdoors. But summer fun-filled activities are not exclusive to the surfers and free spirits out there. These activities can refresh and engage your staff as well as bolster the company culture.

It is fair to say planning plays a huge role in having summer activities that produce the desired effect in your workforce, so it is important that you get on it early on, preferably before the start of the season.

Before you get right down to making arrangements for specific activities that just flew into your mind and sounded nice and fun, you have to make some key considerations. These considerations can help to ensure that you are making plans that fit into your core company objectives and human resources management goals.

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